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Complete Guide to Primary Dance With Web Resource, by NDTA and Lyn Paine

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If you think you lack the necessary training for teaching dance in the primary classroom and are searching for resources to support teaching and learning, look no further. Through Complete Guide to Primary Dance, you’ll gain the insight, expertise and confidence to teach dance to children from reception to year 6.

Regardless of your experience, this book and accompanying web resource will enable you to plan and deliver age-appropriate learning experiences for your children. Complete Guide to Primary Dance offers

  • a wealth of practical and creative ideas that you can use in your teaching, whether you are new to teaching, have little dance experience or are a dance specialist;
  • a scheme of 22 units of work for teaching children from reception to year 6; and
  • a companion web resource that includes a bank of photos, video clips, warm-ups and written resources to assist you in your teaching.

The Dance Framework (primary package)

Price: £30 

A progressive framework for learning and teaching. There are three posters covering the primary stage.

A comprehensive overview for teachers of dance in education from 3 to 11 years, which outlines the learning and teaching strands of composing, performing and appreciating. 

An essential addition to every dance teachers resource library. Produced by Youth Dance England. 

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Teaching and understanding Cultural Diversity through the use of dance - a range of lesson ideas for both primary and secondary schools from The Real Histories Directory

A downloadable pdf providing you a range of ideas from the use of Flamenco to Australian Aboriginal dance, plus a list of additional resources to help you and your pupils explore what cultural diversity means to them.

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A collection of primary dance ideas written by the Council for Subject Association

A compilation of ideas ranging from dancing outside, exploring the Olympic legacy to using stories as way into creating dance material with primary school pupils.

Using Stories

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Olypmic legacy

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Outside the classroom

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What is Assessment for Learning?

A handy guide from the Council for Subject Associations on how to incorporate Assessment for Learning into all your lessons.

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Hands On

A collection of dance ideas for Primary pupils, written by ‘Hands On’.

In these two concise downloads, aimed for Reception to Yr 6 pupils, ‘Hands On’ provides a range of stimuli, music ideas and movement experiences for teachers to explore.

Carnival Time
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Dance Ideas KS1 & 2

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Humpty Dumpty & Winnie the Pooh

A unit of work for Reception years exploring the use of space, shapes and varied movements.

A downloadable pdf providing you with six comprehensive lesson plans, aimed for pupils 4-5 years, which covers learning objectives and teaching guides. The lessons use the stories of Humpty Dumpty and Winnie the Pooh as a stimulus for creative exploration of movements.

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Giraffes Can't Dance

Giraffes can dance and so can your class! This is unit of work is a great way to introduce dance to Foundation Stage pupils whilst making literacy and geographical links.

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Looking for more primary dance resources?

dancematters our termly publication consists of more dance resources which is available to all our members online. A valuable resource for any teacher or dance specialist.

dancematters keeps you up to date on what’s happening with dance and arts education. You receive dancematters as part of your membership to NDTA. To have access to both the current edition and our archive visit our 'Join the NDTA’ page. 

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