The Dance Framework (secondary package)

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A progressive framework for learning and teaching. There are three posters covering the secondary stage.

A comprehensive overview for teachers of dance in education from 11 to 19 years, which outlines the learning and teaching strands of composing, performing and appreciating. 

An essential addition to every dance teachers resource library. Produced by Youth Dance England. 

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Across the Lines

Across the Lines’ a choreographic learning resource for KS3 upwards looking at the theme of ‘racism’, written by Beth Butler.

Using music as a stimulus students will create and perform a movement motif while evaluating their performance through peer mentoring.

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Glass Spider

A dance idea for KS3 pupils using the vivid lyrics of ‘Glass Spider’ by David Bowie.

Lyrics and dance framework written by Sue Cottam that were used for an extra-curricular dance club for Years 7&8.

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Holocaust Memorial Day

Swindon Dance’s approach to creating a dance piece about Holocaust Memorial Day with Primary and Secondary pupils.

A resource briefly detailing the aims & approach, how it links to the curriculum, themes and lesson plan.

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Travelling Light

Teacher Inez Morse’s unit of work for Yrs 3 & 4 looking at ‘light and shadows’.

A science focused dance resource covering 5 weeks of group and pair work, the use of travelling, exploring how light moves and the making of shadows.

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Motif and Development

What is motif development?

In this handy guide written by Fiona Smith and Lucy Pocknell they cover both the core and advanced aspects of action, spatial, dynamic and relationship development.

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Rock n Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll’ a unit of work for KS3, breaking down social physical barriers concerning male and female partnerships.

Pupils explore youth culture in the 1950s to explore relationships, the use of drama and contact work by creating a Rock ‘n’ Roll styled dance. The resource provides warm up, lesson breakdowns and music resources to deliver a unit of work.

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Looking for more secondary dance resources?

dancematters our termly publication consists of more dance resources which is available to all our members online. A valuable resource for any teacher or dance specialist.

dancematters keeps you up to date on what’s happening with dance and arts education. You receive dancematters as part of your membership to NDTA. To have access to both the current edition and our archive visit our 'Join the NDTA’ page. 

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